Minimizing our negative impact on the environment
Investing in renewable energy

of our electricity is produced by solar energy,

And we aim to increase the share of renewable energy in our energy mix in the next few years.

Solar Charging Stations
2 x 7.4 kWh

We want to be a key actor in the transition towards sustainable transportation in Mauritius.

We also unveiled a 150 kW ultra-fast electric charging station, the fastest charging solution proposed on the island, capable of providing 200 km of autonomy in approximately 12 minutes, or of charging a battery to 80% in 40 minutes on average (depending on the brand and models).

Thinking Circular
Circularity is a key principle in our waste management as a mean to reduce our negative environmental footprint. We are constantly working on finding new solutions to reduce our waste and recycle as much as possible
In 2022, we recycled:
0 L
of used oil
0 kg
of used batteries
0 m3
Rain Harvested
0 kg
of e-waste sent to BEM
used tires
Empowering Communities
Giving back is a core value of Leal Group and we are committed to helping people achieve a brighter future.

We support community projects that help to overcome social and economic barriers. Beyond our financial support, the Group believes in doing CSR differently by fostering and empowering NGOs in order to adequately address the flaws of today’s society. We gladly offer our expertise in management and administration, and our staff members spare no effort in providing necessary mentoring and partnership to these NGOs. The ultimate goal of the Group is to create a more sustainable society.

Leal Group partners' initiatives and projects which are in line with its four priority action areas namely: Education and training to vulnerable groups, health & childcare and alleviation of poverty. Some recent CSR highlights include:
  • Christmas Celebration at Foyer Père Laval and for vulnerable children of Pailles where toys and gifts were donated;
  • Build lasting bridges with the Pailles Community to enhance their quality of life;
  • Collaboration with various associations to create a meaningful impact on society;
  • Launching of the SAF project in Rodrigues in women centres; and Participation in T1 Diams Charity Dinner.
Donations have also been made to associations listed below to sustain ongoing projects:
Educational Associations:
  • Loreto Institute
  • Anfen
  • Apeim
  • Alphabetisation Fatima
  • Centre Éveil de Pailles (Caritas Mauritius)
  • Action for Integral Human Development and Youth Spirit Association
Childcare Associations:
  • Vent d’un Rêve
  • Pedostop
  • SOS Children’s Village Mauritius
  • Terre de Paix
Health Care Associations:
  • Étoile D’espérance
  • Link to Life
  • T1 Diams
  • Mental Health Association
  • Friends in Hope
Other Associations:
  • We–Recycle
  • Magic Quatre Bornes Sports Club
  • Lovebridge