Leal Group partners' initiatives and projects which are in line with its four priority action areas namely: Education and training to vulnerable groups, health & childcare and alleviation of poverty. Some recent CSR highlights include:

  • Christmas Celebration at Foyer Père Laval and for vulnerable children of Pailles where toys and gifts were donated;
  • Build lasting bridges with the Pailles Community to enhance their quality of life;
  • Collaboration with various associations to create a meaningful impact on society;
  • Launching of the SAF project in Rodrigues in women centres; and Participation in T1 Diams Charity Dinner.
Donations have also been made to associations listed below to sustain ongoing projects:
Educational Associations:
  • Loreto Institute
  • Anfen
  • Apeim
  • Alphabetisation Fatima
  • Centre Éveil de Pailles (Caritas Mauritius)
  • Action for Integral Human Development and Youth Spirit Association
Childcare Associations:
  • Vent d’un Rêve
  • Pedostop
  • SOS Children’s Village Mauritius
  • Terre de Paix
Health Care Associations:
  • Étoile D’espérance
  • Link to Life
  • T1 Diams
  • Mental Health Association
  • Friends in Hope
Other Associations:
  • We–Recycle
  • Magic Quatre Bornes Sports Club
  • Lovebridge